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The New Paths for Education program is an education initiative of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada. The Nunavik portfolio of initiated projects is administered on AANDC's behalf by the Kativik School Board. The objective of New Paths for Education (NPE) is to work in partnership with Inuit to improve education programming and to strengthen the governance structure of its educational system. The portfolio of projects supports regional and local projects consistent with the Kativik School Board Mission Statement , objectives and exit profiles respecting the following themes of the New Paths for Education Initiative.

  • 1. Strengthening Education Management and Governance Capacity
  • 2. Improving School Effectiveness
  • 3. Parental and Community Engagement

Contact Information

The New Paths for Education Advisory Committee is comprised of elected Local School Administrators and appointed School Board Administrators. The committee meets regularly to evaluate, select and recommend projects for the Kativik School Board Portfolio of NPE Projects.

Requests for information regarding this program may be directed to the KSB-NPE Portfolio Coordinator:

Anna Giuliani, Management Counsellor
New Paths for Education
General Administration Services