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A little Bird





Mirror puzzles Drag puzzle pieces to complete the puzzles Syllabic cartoon characters for experimental language reading program Language K html/
Both regions


Radio Help grandma listen to the radio Syllabic alphabet Language K, 1-2 html/
Both regions


Body parts Learn about the human body Parts of the hand, the head and the rest of the body Language K, 1-2 html/


Memory 1 Play this memory card game by yourself or with a friend Sight words 1-15 Language K, 1 Flash, iPad Ungava


Memory 2 Play this memory card game by yourself or with a friend Sight words 16-30 Language Grade 1-2 Flash Ungava


Memory 3 Play this memory card game by yourself or with a friend Sight words 31-45 Language Grade 2-3 Flash Ungava


Reading Help the mouse learn his alphabet Syllabic alphabet Language Children with learning difficulties Flash Both regions


Animals How many animals do you know? The names of Nunavik animals Science Grade 3 html/
Both regions


Hidden object Find tools for mom and dad Names of traditional tools Language Grade 3 html/
Both regions


Counting Help grandpa catch fish Counting from 1 to 20 Math Grade 1-2 Flash Both regions


Sharing Share food with your family Pre-fractions Math Grade 2-3 Flash Both regions


AiPai Chart Listen to the sounds of the syllabic alphabet Syllabic alphabet Language anyone learning Inuktitut ipad  


Atsaniit (Northern lights) Trace the letter constellations Syllabic alphabet Language K, 1 ipad  




New Games

Where is Hidden object, Mirror puzzles and TuxPaint? Thank you

games update

The Hidden Object game is ready for use. It will be available on this site soon.

The Puzzles game and TuxPaint are ready to try, and we are testing them now. We may need to make small revisions before they become available to everyone. It would be good to have more people help with this. If you're interested send us an email to let us know.

If you want to use any of these games now, use the Contact link at the top of the page to send us an email with your request, and we will send you a link to download the game you want to use.

Harvey (game development team member)

Can these games be played with an iPad?

Hello, are these Kativik resources accessible with iPad? I hope so, & how so? 

Melanie Howell


games for the iPad

Good to hear you're interested in the games! When we began making the games we used Flash. When the iPad was introduced it did not support Flash. So those games don't work on the iPad.

We then started making the games with html/javascript. This was a better solution because those games can be played on the iPad and other modern computers using an internet browser. (on the ipad use Safari) However, the performance of the games played online is not always good in Nunavik because of slow internet speeds.

Some people with slow speeds have used Sites2Go Lite to save the games on their iPad. If you Google Sites2Go, you can get info on using this program. We know this isn't the best solution, and hope in the future we have the resources for a better solution. We also hope internet speeds improve. For your info, we are making a stand alone game for the iPad right now, and will post info here when it is ready.

Harvey (on the game development team)

Inuktitut Games

Wow!! Lots of fun!!! Students, teachers and parents are very lucky to have access to these games.