Kuujjuaq - Jaanimmarik and Pitakallak Schools

P.O. Box 150, Kuujjuaq (Qc), Canada, J0M 1C0

Pitakallak School

Principal: Suzie Koneak
Centre Director:  Elizabeth Saunders

Phone: (819)964-2654
Fax:  (819)964-2047


Commissioner: Willis Tagoona
Education Committee President: Cecilia Anderson

Jaanimmarik School

Principal: Alain Rochefort
Vice Principal:  Jeffrey Creamer
Center Director:  Joseph Snowball

Phone: (819)964-2912
Fax:  (819)964-2818



Pitakallak - Primary School with 160 Students
•    127 students in kindergarten and cycle 1 in Inuktitut
•    11 students in cycle 2 French sector, second language
•    22 students in cycle 2 English sector, second language 
Teachers and Professionals
•    10 teachers, Inuit sector, in kindergarten and cycles 1 and 2
•    1 teacher, French primary sector  
•    1 teacher, English primary sector
•    specialists: physical education, music
Special Features and School Projects
•    Good citizen project for all students
•    Terry Fox walk
•    School year specials days: Colours day, Crazy hats day, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc…
Jaanimmarik - Primary and Secondary School with 372 Students
•    161 students in the French sector, second language:
o    70 students in primary cycles 2 and 3
o    91 students in secondary 
•    211 students in the English sector, second language:
o    78 students in primary cycles 2 and 3
o    133 students in secondary
•    16 students in the IPL sector:
o    10 students in boy’s IPL
o    6 students in girl’s IPL
Teachers and Professionals
•    6 teachers, in Inuktitut
•    5 teachers, French primary sector
•    5 teachers, French secondary sector
•    6 teachers, English primary sector
•    8 teachers, English secondary sector
•    specialists: Inuktitut, creative writing, boy’s culture, girl’s culture, physical education, special education, ESL, FSL
Special Features and School Projects
•    In-School nurse, social worker and 2 behaviour technicians 
•    Hot breakfast program
•    Extra curricular activities include a hockey team, basketball team, computer activities, jewelry club, metal working, dance, yearbook committee, organizing the Secondary 5 trip and elementary sports, student crossing guard organization and arts and crafts
About Kuujjuaq
•    Services: hospital, arena, day care, Northern and Coop stores, convenience store, restaurants, arts and crafts stores, bank, post office, community centre, 2 hotels
•    General Information and History (Nunavik Tourism Association)
•    Detailed Google Map
•    Weather Forecast (Environment Canada)
Photos: Lucas Brown et Gary Koiter