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Maina. Version doublée en français, version originale avec sous-titres français et version originale avec sous-titres anglais. Montréal : TVA Films, Union Pictures & Équinoxe Films, 2013. (DVD no. 2217) Following a bloody conflict between her clan and that of the men from the land of ice, Maina the daughter of Grand Chief Mishtenapuu, sets off on a mission to rescue a captured boy, little knowing her actions will result in the poignant meeting of two of America's founding nations.  A truly epic tale of adventure and romance in a time before European contact, Maina is a thrilling tale of Inuit and Innu culture that is not to be missed.

Vanishing Point = Point de fuite = Katinniq. Inuktitut and Inuktun with English and French subtitles. [s.l.] NFB, 2012.  (DVD no. 2216)  A dog team pulls an Inuit family across a vast frozen ocean.  But the Arctic terrain is not as solid as it once was, and the dogs plunge through the ice into frigid polar waters.  This is the compelling story of Navarana, an Inugluit elder from the Northwest Greenland who is linked to Canada's Inuit through a migration led by an intrepid shaman.

Crazywater = Eau de feu.  56:12 min.  English with French subtitles.  [s.l.] NFB, 2013.  (DVD no. 2215)  Crazywater reveals the human face of First Nations alcoholism and opens the door to others seeking to break the cycle of addiction and find the path to sobriety.

The downside of high.  44:00 min.  English.  Toronto : CBC Learning ; Dreamfilm Productions, c2010.  (DVD no. 2212) Teenagers who start smoking marijuana before the age of sixteen are four times more likely to become schizophrenia experts, whose research is featured in this groundbreaking documentary.  This film tells stories of three young people from British Columbia  believe, along with their doctors, that their mental illness was triggered by marijuana use.  All three spent months in hospital psychiatric wards, and still wage a battle with their illness.  Today's super-potent pot may be a big part of the problem.  Modern growing techniques have dramatically increased the amount of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, ramping up the threat to the developing teenage brain.

People of a feather.  90:00 & 52:00 min. English & Inuktitut with English & French subtitles. Sanikiluaq, Nunavut : Sanikiluaq Running Pictures, c2012. (DVD no.2211) Featuring stunning footage from seven winters in the Arctic, this film takes you through time into the world of the Inuit on the Belcher Islands in Hudson’s Bay.  Connecting past, present and future is a unique relationship with the eider duck.  Eider down, the warmest feather in the world, allows both Inuit and bird to survive harsh Arctic winters. Traditional life is juxtaposed with modern challenges as both people and eiders face the challenges posed by changing sea ice and ocean currents disrupted by the massive hydroelectric dams powering eastern North America. The eyes of a remote subsistence culture challenge the world to find energy solutions that work with the seasons of our hydrological cycle. Inspired by Inuit ingenuity and the technology of a simple feather, the film is a call to action to implement energy solutions that work with nature.

La légende de Sarila = The Legend of Sarila. 81:00 min. Film d'animation=Cartoon film. Français/English.  Montréal : CarpeDiem Film & TV et Productions 10th Ave. Réalisé par Nancy Florence Savard ; idée originale, Pierre Tremblay ; scénario et dialogues, Pierre Tremblay et Roger Harvey, 2013. (DVD no.2209) Raconte l’histoire d’un voyage initiatique où trois jeunes Inuits partent à la recherche d’une terre promise dans le but de sauver leur clan de la famine.  C’est aussi l’histoire d’une lutte à finir entre deux chamans, le jeune Markussi et le vieux Croolik qui sent son pouvoir menacé.=This is the story of a voyage of initiation in which three young Inuit go to search of a promised land, hoping to save their clan from famine.  It is also the story of a fight to the finish between two shamans, the young Markussi and the aged Croolik, who feels that his power is threatened.

Stop bullying now!  We can and we have to say Stop!  12:31 min. English with Inuktitut subtitles.  Iqaluit, Nunavut : Isaksimagit Inuusirmi Katujjiqaatigiit Embrace Life Council, [2103].  (DVD no. 2208)  1. This is not a comedy.--2.What's the day today? --3. Rumour.  Three short videos on cyber bullying, physical bullying and social bullying, as well as a Resource Guide to be used by educators to assist them in providing information to youth on this sensitive topic, with activities to engage students from a range of grade levels and which can be adapted to the time that you have available.

Inuit legends; vol. 2. CBC North Radio One, c2003.  Approximately 2 hours. 2  audio compact discs, Inuktitut version /English version.  (CD no. 2207) 1. The man from the Moon: the story of an Earth woman's desire to meet a man from the moon and the journey she takes to become a Moon wife. -- 2. Qallupalik, the sea creature: the story of what lies under the sea ice ready to take small children who do not heed the advice of their elders. -- 3. Creation of the loon: the story of how the love of a young woman for her husband transforms her into the first Arctic Loon.-- 4. Lumaajuuq, the story of the blind boy: the story of how a blind boy regains his sight after a miracle encounter with loons and how he repays the cruelty of his mother. -- 5. An Arctic lullaby: a beautiful story of how the Ptamigan found its voice and why the Snow Bunting returns every spring. --

Inuit legends [vol. 1]. CBC North Radio One, c2002.  Approximately 2 hours. 2  audio compact discs, Inuktitut version /English version.  (CD no. 2206) The orphan shaman: how an orphan boy with special powers saved two sisters. -- The three stars: how the constellation Ullaktut was formed.-- Nuliajuk: the story of Sedna, the Sea Goddess. -- Poor fisherman: an ironic story of greed. -- Illimarasujuk: how starvation leads one man to the depths of cruelty and also the story of how mosquitoes were created.

Stolen children: truth and reconciliation (The National)  CBC Learning, 2010.  40:30 min.  (DVD no. 2205) June 2010 marked the first national hearing of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, aimed at addressing the painful legacy of residential schools in Canada. First Nations, Métis and Inuit survivors began putting their stories on the official record, as the Commission commenced its complex work.This volume of six documentaries from The National profiles Justice Murray Sinclair, Manitoba’s first Aboriginal judge and the head of the Commission; uncovers the personal stories of survivors both on the ground in Winnipeg and across Canada; and gets up-close with 11-year-old Wanekia Morning Star Cooke to hear the younger generation’s take on the residential school experience.

Inuit Odyssey (The Nature of things) CBC Learning, 2009.  44:30 min. (DVD no. 2204) Inuit Odyssey follows Canadian Arctic anthropologist Niobe Thompson on a visually stunning journey across the North to trace the origins of the modern Inuit. In a circumpolar expedition stretching from the ancient hearth of Thule culture in Siberia, to the high Arctic home of the gentle Dorset people, and to the final battleground of the Thule and the Norse in Greenland, Inuit Odyssey explores the mysteries of the Thule conquest of the Arctic. Thompson makes some startling new scientific discoveries along the way and challenges our stereotypes of the “peaceful Eskimo.”

Vue d'en haut.  Montréal : Bideshi Films, 2011.  24:00 min.  (DVD no. 2203) Un groupe de Rangers juniors provenant du Nunavik partent, en compagnie de l'explorateur Bernard Voyer, réaliser un projet à l'international et explorer les Andes péruviennes.  Ces jeunes, pour qui le voyage était auparavant davantage associé au rêve qu'à la réalité, découvrent désormais les richesses d'une culture différente de la leur et les défis que posent sur le corps et l'esprit un trek à 4750 mètres d'altitude.

The experimental Eskimos.  Toronto : White Pine Pictures, 2010.  70:00 min.  (DVD no. 2201) This film follows Peter Ittinuar, Zebedee Nungak and Eric Tagoona, who, as 12-year-old boys, were shipped South in the early 1960s from their homes in the Canadian Arctic to attend public schools in Ottawa.  All three went on to become president incredibly successful, paving the way for aboriginal rights in Canada and around the world. This is the untold story of how an experimental in social engineering not only changed the boys, but changed a nation.

Rabbit-Proof fence. HanWay Films, distr. by Alliance Atlantis, 2002.  93:00 min. (DVD no. 2200) This is a 2002 Australian Drama film directed by Philip Noyce based on the book Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence by Doris Pilkington Garimara. It is based on a true story concerning the author's mother, as well as two other mixed-race Aboriginal girls, who ran away from the Moore River Native Settlement, north of Perth, Western Australia, to return to their Aboriginal families, after having been placed there in 1931. The film follows the Aboriginal girls as they walk for nine weeks along 1,500 miles (2,400 km) of the Australian rabbit-proof fence to return to their community at Jigalong, while being pursued by a white authority figure and an Aboriginal tracker.

13 short films on the theme of "nationhood" = 13 courts métrages sur le thème du "statut de nation".  (Vistas: aboriginal expressions) English with French subtitles.  Montréal : NFB ; APTN, 2010.  43:21 min.  (DVD no. 2187) Some of  Canada's finest Aboriginal filmmakers from Newfoundland and Labrador to British Columbia come together in this collection of 13 short films on the subject of nationhood.  The result is an exciting and diverse mix of animation and documentary.

Trou story = The hole story.  Montréal : ONF, 2011.  79:11 min.  (DVD no. 2188) Richard Desjardins et Robert Monderie racontent l'histoire des mines, histoire de profits faramineux réalisés au mépris de l'environnement et de la santé des travailleurs. L'histoire passe par le nickel de Sudbury, l'argent de Cobalt, l'or de Timmins, le cuivre de Rouyn...À coups d'images chocs, d'archives rares et d'entrevues, les cinéastes exposent avec clarté le dossier minier canadien. C'est un film qui sonne l'éveil.

We were children = Nous n'étions que des enfants. Montréal : Eagle Vision ; NFB, 2012.  83 min.  (DVD 2189) In this emotional film, the profound impact of the Canadian government's residential school system is conveyed unflinchingly through the eyes of two children who were forced to face hardships beyond their years. This film gives voice to a national tragedy and demonstrates the incredible resilience of the human spirit.

La survie. - L'anatomie.  (Cuir, poil, plume; 3)  Montréal : ONF ; Natural History New Zealand ; Eolis ; Poles Production, 2004.  100 min. (20 x 5 min) (DVD no. 2190) Série sur la vie animale qui présente les animaux dans leur environnement naturel.  Les dix premiers épisodes mettent en relief des techniques de survie extraordinaires, parfaitement adaptées à l'environnement des animaux.  Les dix suivants décrivent surtout divers attributs physiques, mais traitent aussi des structures sociales et du comportement.

Être ou paraître? Les jeunes face aux stéréotypes sexuels = Staying real: teens confront sexual stereotypes.  Montréal : ONF ; YWCA, 2010.  24:37 min. (DVD no. 2191) Des filles et des garçons préadolescents analysent les effets néfastes des stéréotypes sexuels dont ils sont constamment bombardés. Ces jeunes témoignent de la difficulté de se forger une personnalité et un cercle d'ami(e)s en dehors des modèles uniques proposés par les médias et le marketing. Ce film s'adresse aux jeunes de 11 à 13 ans et constitue un excellent préambule pour animer une discussion.

Second stories = Nos histoires.  English with French subtitles.  Montréal : NFB ; APTN ; CBC, 2009.  3 x 22 min. (DVD 2192)  Three Aboriginal filmmakers from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta refine their skills by creating a half-hour documentary.

Being caribou = Vivre comme les caribous. English with French subtitles. 72:19 min.  Montréal : NFB, 2004. (DVD 2193)  Environmentalist Leanne Allison and wildlife biologist Karsten Heuer follow a herd of 120,0000 caribou on foot, across 1,500 kilometres og rugged Arctic tundra.

Une minute de science, svp ! = Science, please ! 40 min.  Montréal : ONF, 2003.  (DVD 2194) Des découvertes et des phénomènes scientifiques expliqués en  26 capsules de 60 secondes seulement, regroupées sous les thèmes de matière et produits chimiques, force et mouvements, chaud et froid, magnétisme et électricité, son et lumière.

L'univers interplanétaire: compilation.  Montréal : ONF, 1986.  70:52 min.  (DVD no. 2195) Compilation de quatre films: Satellites du solei.-Comète.-Notre univers.- Champs de l'espace.

Moi, je fais de l'art comme Andrew Qappik.  Montréal : ONF, 2005.  11:22 min.  (DVD no.2196) Andrew Qappik, un graveur inuit de renommée mondiale vivant au Nunavut fascine les élèves en créant sous leurs yeux une gravure en relief en utilisant une pierre à savon comme support.  Puis, c'est au tour des enfants qui créent dans la mousse de polystyrène une gravure en relief représentant leur autoportrait.

Moi, je fais de l'art comme Ron Noganosh.  Montréal : ONF, 2005.  15:43 min.  (DVD no. 2197) Ron Noganosh est un sculpteur et un artiste-installateur qui transforme des objets du quotidien en objets d 'art.  S'inspirant de ses sculptures à partir d'objets trouvés, les élèves découvrent comment transformer des rebuts en objets d'art.  Des thèmes sur l'identité personnelle et culturelle se dégagent alors qu'ils développent leurs habiletés et leur confiance en eux, tout en découvrant un monde de possibilités créatrices.

I can make art like Andrew Qappik.  Montréal : NFB, 2005.  11:22 min.  (DVD no. 2198) Andrew Qappik is a world-renowned Inuit printmaker from Nunavut captivates his student audience by creating a soapstone relief print before their very eyes. Then it's the kids'turn to each create a self-portrait relief print.

I can make art like Ron Noganosh.  Montréal : NFB, 2005.  15:43 min.  (DVD no. 2199) Ron Noganosh a highly regarded sculpture and installation artist who transforms everyday items into artworks.  Inspired by his found-object sculptures, students discover how to turn junk into art.  Themes of personal and cultural identity surface as they develop skills and confidence while discovering a world of creative possibilities.

8th fire: aboriginal peoples, Canada & the way forward = 8e feu: les autochtones et le Canada, le sentier de l'avenir.  Montréal : CBC; Radio-Canada; Entertainment One films, c2012. 3 discs, 172 min. (DVD no.2186) Hosted by the dynamic journalist and musician, Wab Kinew, from the Ojibways of Onigaming First Nation, this 4-hour HD series is an encounter with fascinating, complex people as diverse as Canada itself. 8th FIRE offers the way forward to a second chance to get the relationship right. = Animée par le comédien huron-wendat Charles Bender, cette série de 4 heures propose une rencontre avec des gens fascinants qui réclament avec confiance, leur juste place dans ce pays.  Mais avant tout, 8e FEU propose une voie à suivre pour bâtir une relation honorable.

Schooling the world: the white man's last burden.  Lost People Films, 2010.  65 min.  (DVD no. 2185) What really happens when we replace a traditional culture's way of learning and understanding  the world with our own?  Beautifully shot on location in the Buddhist culture of Ladakh in the northern Indian Himalayas, this film takes a challenging, sometimes funny, ultimately deeply disturbing look at the effects of modern education on the world's last sustainable indigenous cultures.

Waiting for "Superman".  Paramount, 2010. 111 min. Original in English with French and Spanish subtitles.  (DVD no. 2183) This documentary film provides an engaging and inspiring look at public education in the United States.  It has helped launch a movement to achieve a real and lasting change through the  compelling stories of five unforgettable students such as Emily, a Silicon Valley eight-grader who is afraid of being labeled as unfit for college and Francisco, a Bronx first-grader whose mom will do anything to give him a shot at a better life.

Unikkausivut: AtuKatigennik Unikkausittinik=Sharing our stories = Transmettre nos histoires.  NFB/ONF, 2011.  8:00 hrs. 3 discs, Inuktitut, English, French verisons. (DVD no.2175) Discover Inuit traditions, perspectives and values in these 24 films, representing all four Canadian Inuit regions: Nunatsiavut, Nunavik, Nunavut and Inuvialuit.  Experience over eight hours of unique documentary and animation.

The Arctic Circle = Le cercle arctique.  NFB/ONF, 2009, 2 x 40 min.  Original in English with French version.  (DVD no.2176)  Climate change is hitting the Arctic harder and faster than any other region on Earth. Although the North may seem remote from the population centres of the world, this is where the impact of human activity, sensitive ecosystems forever altered, is felt the most. Shot in HD, this film marries dramatic footage with hard science and striking computer graphics to tell the story of climate change as never seen before.

World's most dangerous drug. National Geographic, c2006. (DVD no.2178) Methamphetamine "meth" is considered to be one of the hardest drugs to quit.  This dangerous drug is ravaging rural communities and spreading its poison to major metropolitan areas and across international boarders at an alarming rate.  What makes this drug so powerful, addictive, and destructive? National geographic correspondent Lisa Ling investigates the meth epidemic to uncover the menace meth poses to society and to find out why many are calling it the World's Most Dangerous Drug.  This program contains graphic images that may be disturbing to some viewers.

Qimmit: a clash of two truths = un choc, deux vérités.  ONF, c2010. 68 min. Original in English with French and Inuktitut versions.  (DVD no.2173) For the Inuit, the sled dog symbolized a way of life as well as a deep and abiding connection to the land.  But from the 1950s to the 1970s, the Inuit’s semi-nomadic way of life all but vanished,  Families moved into settled communities; the sled dog population dropped to just a few hundred dogs; many Inuit believe the dogs were killed by the RCMP as part of a government policy to force them of the land and into civilization.  The RCMP denies there was any conscious policy on their part, alleging these stories are either fabrications or the result of cultural misinterpretation. This film explores the mystery of how and why the dogs disappeared, a mystery that has left deep wounds across Canada’s Arctic.

The Planets: classroom edition DVD (Disney presents Bill Nye the science guy).  Disney Educational, c2008.  26 min.  (DVD no. 2171) Bill Nye goes planet gazing and takes a serious look at Jupiter's features, Earth's elliptical orbit, and the distances between planets.  Gr. level 4 & up.

A closer look at the sun and stars.  School Media Inc, c2004.  20 min.  (DVD no. 2172) Learn about constellations, amazing facts about Polaris, and why stars appear to move with the seasons.  Take a look at our sun to discuss energy, sunspots, seasons, the greenhouse effect, and photosynthesis.

The Journals of Knud Rasmussen = Le journal de Knud Rasmussen.  Isuma, l h 52 min., 2006. Original Inuktitut, English and Danish languages with English and French subtitles.  (DVD no. 2170). January1922, Danish explorer and scientist Knud Rasmussen visits the isolated camp of the great Iglulik shaman, Aua. = Janvier 1922, l'explorateur et scientifique danois Knud Rasmussen visite le campement isolé du grand chamane d'Iglulik, Aua.


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