Salluit - Pigiurvik and Ikusik Schools

P.O. Box 210 Salluit, Qc Canada, J0M 1S0

Pigiurvik School
Principal: Richard Therrien
Centre Director: Maggie Ittuvik Saviadjuk

Phone: (819)-255-8827
Fax: (819)-255-8909

Commissioner: Kakkiniq Naluiyuk
Education Committee President: Patricia Cameron

Ikusik School
Principal: Damien Gagné
Centre Director: Darrell Atagotaaluk

Phone: (819)255-9914
Fax: (819)255-8117


Pigiurvik - Primary School with 175 Students
•   108 students in kindergarten and cycle 1 in Inuktitut
•   46 students in cycle 2, French sector, second language
•   21 students in cycle 2, English sector, second language
Teachers and Professionals
•    8 teachers, in kindergarten and cycle 1, Inuit sector
•    3 teachers, French sector
•    2 teachers, English sector
•    specialists: Inuktitut, girls’ culture, boy’s culture, physical education, religion, special education
Ikusik - Primary and Secondary School with 166 Students
•    103 students in the French sector, second language:
o    36 students in primary cycle 3
o    67 students in secondary
•    63 students in the English sector, second language:
o    14 students in primary cycle 3
o    49 students in secondary

Teachers and Professionals

•    5 teachers, French secondary sector
•    3 teachers, English secondary sector
•    specialists: Inuktitut, girl’s culture, boy’s culture, physical education, religion, special education, behaviour technician, and student counsellor
Special Features and School Projects
•     Attuliit Trift Store : an IPL Class Project
About Salluit
•    Services: nursing station, arena, day care, Co-op and Northern stores, Co-op Hotel, post office, community centre 
•    General Information and History (Nunavik Tourism Association)
•    Weather Forecast (Environment Canada)
Photos: Sylvain Serré (arsaniit) and Dave Girouard (panorama)

 October 2008