Teachers' page

Here are a few links and documents of general interest for teachers:

General resources for teachers

  • AiPai Fonts

    In order to view Inuttitut texts on your computer, it is necessary to download AiPai fonts to your system.

  • GPI

    To access GPI, the system used to enter student absences, use this address.

  • Orientation document

    The orientation document contains information on a variety of topics that might be of interest to new teachers (important phone numbers, ordering groceries, etc.).

  • Pedagogical Portal

    The pedagogical portal contains individual pages for each of the counsellors (general information, activities, LESs and other pedagogical material), information on library services and other special projects.

  • Policies and directives

    The Policies and Directives communicate rules, which have School Board-wide application, and provide a basis for consistent and appropriate decision making on many issues.

  • Wumpa's world

    Computer games from the Arctic