Our mission is to do our utmost to provide services to a diverse student population.

We view each of our students as being unique and worthy of the best education tailored to their needs.

We fulfill our mission through our special education teachers and technicians, student counselors and behavior technicians. We also have regional teams based in Kuujjuaq, Salluit, Tasiujaq, Kuujjuaraapik and Montreal that provide more in-depth psychometric testing and evaluation.

Looking at past years experiences, I see an unavoidable pattern emerging that I strongly feel we must address.  This pattern is driven by a drastic increase in students with special needs.

When a student has a learning, social or psychological problem, there is a tendency to lower our expectations of the student, inadvertently robbing the student of an opportunity to genuinely accomplish a learning challenge and, at the same time, to build a foundation rooted in self-esteem.  We must strive to better understand the dynamics underlying this behavior and therefore offer us the opportunity to intervene in an appropriate manner.

In light of this, it has never been so urgent and important to find strategies and methods that work for struggling students, as we all know they will continue struggling if appropriate help is not given.

I encourage all schools to have a local special education committee to locally search for solutions. In that way, teaching and learning will become mutually successful experiences.