Would you like a chance to have your art featured all around Nunavik? This may be your chance!

Kativik Ilisarniliriniq is looking for artists to submit artwork to be used in the 2018-2019 School Agenda. We will be choosing 2 pieces of artwork. They will be displayed in the agenda and used to complement the school board’s new visual identity. The main users of the School Agenda are Secondary level students.

What should the artwork be?

This fall Kativik Ilisarniliriniq released its new logo and overall brand. The new school board logo is composed of two elements: an igloo and Nuusuittuq, the North Star.

The North Star represents the traditional astronomical knowledge of the Inuit and its direct connection to today’s global world. Nuusuittuq, also symbolizes the strong sense of direction one experiences when engaging into learning. Likewise, it reminds us that, as was the case traditionally for the Inuit, learning can occur at any given time or place.

The igloo provides continuity with the original logo of the school board. The igloo is a powerful symbol of education. It embodies thousands of years of Inuit environmental and architectural knowledge, passed on from one generation to another to this day. To stand, the igloo must have a strong foundation. Similarly, the education services provided by the school board represent building blocks that aim to develop a strong foundation rooted in Inuit identity. As a home and as a place where people gather, the igloo also reminds us of the essential role families and communities play in education.

With the above description and visual elements in mind, we would like the submitted artwork to complement the brand and be a representation of education, or the passing of knowledge.

The artwork could range from fully drawn and developed scenes down to simple patterns and symbols, we leave all the artistic freedom in the hands of the artist.

Some possible themes

  • The North star, sense of direction as we move forward
  • The igloo and the concept of building blocks
  • Education as a stepping stone Sharing, transmission of knowledge
  • The igloo as a space where people share and learn (children, parents and community)
  • Constellations and their connection to traditional knowledge.
  • Story telling – oral culture
  • The connection between traditional Inuit education and western education

These themes are only examples of directions that you could are look at. The artwork is not tied to these themes but should in some form or another have a connection to Education.

Who is eligible?

The submission of artwork is open to beneficiaries and Nunavik residents

Acceptable art forms

We are looking for graphic art and or drawings. The media that you choose to use is open to your preference. This means that you can draw, paint or create digital art. The only requirement will be that the final piece is submitted digitally either by scanning your artwork or taking a clear photo of it.

How will the selected artwork be chosen?

A review committee will examine all submissions. The committee will choose the artwork that best complement our current brand and follows the general theme of education. The identity of the artists will not be revealed to the members of the committee until they make their final selection.

How could your artwork be used?

Depending on the art media the artist used, the artwork will be redrawn digitally. The integrity of the art piece’s concept will be as true to the original artwork as possible. However, some elements may be simplified during the redrawing process.


The artists selected by the committee will win a prize of 500$ for first place, and the runner up will receive 250$


How to submit your art?

Please ensure that your name is NOT indicated on the artwork.

Along with your artwork, please submit your full contact details on a separate document or in an email:

First name, Last name, email address, phone number and mailing address.

As mentioned above your artwork will have to be submitted digitally. Once you have scanned or taken a photo of your art, send the photo to publicrelations@kativik.qc.ca

If you face difficulties with the Internet connection, we can discuss alternative arrangements with you. Please contact Carson Tagoona at this number: 514-482-8220 x 367.


The Final artwork will need to be submitted by friday December 1st

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