Preparatory year - Nursing (DCS)

August 2022
Preparatory year - Nursing (DCS)


Cégep de Saint-Félicien

(short stays for laboratory access)

Secondary-level credits

1 year

Program Description

Do you have a Secondary School Diploma but are missing prerequisites for a college program in the health sector (nursing or other)? This preparatory year is for you!

Your program will be tailored to your academic profile.

The preparatory year will help you transition to a nursing program (leading to a DCS) that will be offered in Nunavik, as of August 2023.


Would you prefer studying outside Nunavik? It’s also an option! Once you get the secondary-level prerequisites you’re missing, apply to the college of your choice.

Program Content

Secondary-level courses required for admission in a college nursing program or other health-related college programs.

  • Secondary IV Environmental Science and Technology or Science and the Environment.
  • Secondary V Chemistry.
  • Second language proficiency.
  • Depending on the academic profile of the student cohort, college level courses may be integrated into the preparatory year.


*Note: Parts of the chemistry and science courses requiring access to a laboratory will be offered in Inukjuak, at the Nunavimmi Pigiursavik Adult Education Centre. Lodging and meals will be provided at the student residence.

Admission requirements

Candidates must meet one of the criteria below.

Persons holding a Secondary School Diploma.

If you stopped going to school in Secondary 5 and are missing some credits to complete your Secondary School Diploma, you may be eligible.
Apply and we will look at your options.