To be eligible candidates must:

  1. be recommended by their local Education Committee and by the Training and Research Department; and
  2. hold regular teaching or trainee positions, or be regular substitute teachers; and
  3. follow courses organized by the Department on a regular basis; and
  4. work with itinerant or local counselors throughout the year; and
  5. speak, read, and write Inuktitut fluently, and in the case of teachers teaching in French or English, show mastery of the second language; and
  6. be at least 21 years of age, or hold a D.E.S.

Academic Sessions

Academic courses are offered in the winter and summer.

Teaching Practice

Normally, a person interested in a teaching career spends the first year as trainee in the classroom of an experienced Inuk teacher. During that time the trainee will take up to four 3 credit courses and will also have the opportunity to plan and teach lessons on a regular basis. If the trainee is successful, s(he) will become eligible for available teaching positions.

Practical work in the classroom is as important as course work. Throughout the year, the teachers-in-training work closely with pedagogical counselors. Credits for certain courses are given only after successful application in the classroom.