Upcoming course: July 19 to August 8, 2019

Join the 2019 Students on Ice expedition as a northern teacher and get the science credits you require under the McGill University Teacher Certification Program.

How to apply?

There are two steps to apply:

  1. By March 19, 2019: Complete the online Application Form in English or Inuktitut.
  2. By March 19, 2019: Submit two reference letters by e-mail to Kelsey Catherine Schmitz. At least one of your reference letters should be from a school administrator.

What is Students on Ice?

Students on Ice is an educational expedition, sailing the Canadian High Arctic and Greenland.

Through a partnership between Kativik Ilisarniliriniq and Students on Ice, Inuit teachers and Inuit teacher trainees enrolled in the McGill University Teacher Certification Program have the unique opportunity of joining this expedition.

Participants will spend two weeks at sea visiting Arctic communities, science stations, and national parks and territories.

During the expedition, Inuit teachers and trainees will lead and participate in the development of land-based science lessons, learning tools and pedagogical approaches. Upon completion of this journey, they will obtain science credits from McGill University.

When and where does it take place?

Departure from Kuujjuaq on July 19 and returning on August 8, 2019.

This includes:

  • Pre-boarding training in Ottawa
  • Two weeks at sea visiting science stations, national parks and territories in Canadian High Arctic communities and Greenland.

In addition, participants are required to attend a preparatory meeting in Kuujjuaq, in April (dates to be confirmed).

Should I apply?

You should definitely apply if you are a Nunavik beneficiary:

  • Passionate about Inuit land-based science activities
  • Enjoy working with youth and are interested in the Arctic regions
  • Employed as a teacher or teacher trainee with Kativik Ilisarniliriniq

If you have questions, or would like more information about the expedition, please contact:

Kelsey Catherine Schmitz or Ulaayu Pilurtuut