Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Nunavik-IcE is a digital platform providing a community space where educational resources are shared and developed. These resources are rooted in the Nunavik environment, Inuit kinship values and communities.

ETUA SNOWBALL Director of Education Services
Educational Resources

A diverse library of educational resources

Nunavik-IcE builds an encyclopedic pool of resources for teachers and learners to interact with. These resources are aligned to the curriculum.

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The Education Services team works with teachers, elders and knowledge holders to:

  • curate and source educational content;
  • train and support contributors;
  • ensure that tools and resources featured on the platform represent Nunavimmiut.

For teachers, the benefits are the following:

  • lesson plans designed with an Inuit-centred approach that align well with the required Quebec Education Program;
  • a professional community of Nunavik teachers with whom to exchange ideas and resources, building better practices in the classroom and through a variety of approaches that represent the students’ needs and identity;
  • the ability to contribute local knowledge of land, language, and community to the wider region, and uniquely to students in a specific community;
  • additional learning materials from which to develop activities that are grounded by the Kativik vision of education.

For students, the benefits are the following:

  • a curated progression of learning activities from which to build knowledge and skills expected for class and for personal interest;
  • practice exercises to improve success at school in a variety of disciplines and topics;
  • a lexicon of Inuktitut terminology relating to a variety of subjects;
  • a place to share artwork and projects, and connect with students across Nunavik.

For parents, the benefits are the following:

  • basic at-home strategies and activities for supporting a child’s success at school;
  • materials for the dissemination of knowledge related to land activities done with kin;
  • a lexicon of Inuktitut terminology relating to a variety of subjects.