Policies and Directives

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ADM 01 – Directive on emergency closing of the administrative centre

ADM 02 – Directive on closing of schools and adult education and vocational training centres

ADM 03 – Directive on the protection of copyright

ADM 04 – Directive on the legal deposit of publications produced by Kativik Ilisarniliriniq

ADM 05 – Directive on the recognition of employees and elected representatives

ADM 06 – Policy on non smoking

ADM 07 – Policy on travels to attend funerals or other special events

ADM 08 – Directive on insurance coverage and civil liability

ADM 09 – Policy on graduation

ADM 10 – Directive on the protection of personal information and access to information

ADM 11 – Directive on consulting services

ADM 12 – Directive on the application of the Youth Protection Act

ADM 13 – Policy on languages of instruction

ADM 14 – Policy on preventing and resolving psychological or sexual harassment in the workplace

ADM 15 – Policy on occupational health and safety

ADM 16 – Directive against bullying and for the promotion of peaceful and responsive schools

ADM 17 – Directive on the use of computer resources and social media

ADM 18 – Policy on conflict prevention and resolution

ADM 19 – Policy on media relations

ADM 20 – Policy on corruption and collusion risk management in contract management processes

ADM 21 – Procedure for processing complaints regarding the tender or award of a public contract and during a process for the certification of goods and qualification of entreprises

ADM 22 – Procedure to facilitate the disclosure of wrongdoings

ADM 23 – Directive on the management of elementary, secondary and adult education student records

ADM 24 – Policy on documents management

HR 01 – Directive on social travel

HR 02 – Directive on recuperation days for management personnel

HR 03 – Directive on summer hours

HR 04 – Directive on annual vacations for senior staff and executives

HR 05 – Repealed

HR 06 – Repealed

HR 07 – Directive on leave of absence for search and rescue

HR 08 – Repealed

HR 09 – Directive on special leave of absence for outside activities

HR 10 – Repealed

HR 11 – Directive on reference checks

HR 12 – Directive on medical evacuations

HR 13 – Policy on benefits for beneficiaries assigned to Montréal

HR 14 – Directive regarding the Professional Improvement Fund for Teachers

HR 15 – Directive on the Professional Improvement Fund for Non-Teaching Professionals

HR 16 – Directive regarding the Professional Improvement Fund for Support Staff

HR 17 – Directive regarding the Professional Improvement Fund for Management Personnel

HR 18 – Directive on granting leaves of absence without pay other than those provided for in Collective Agreements and other regulations

HR 19 – Policy on alcohol, drugs and medications