Student Ombudsman

Student Ombudsman

The Student Ombudsman acts in complete confidentiality and neutrality, to examine complaints that are submitted on a case-by-case basis.

Me PHILEMON BOILEAU Associate Secretary General
Student Ombudsman

What is the role of the Student Ombudsman?

The Student Ombudsman is there to help students or parents resolve a situation that concerns them. He or she acts in complete confidentiality.

The Student Ombudsman is neutral and independent.

  • He or she is not an employee of Kativik Ilisarniliriniq
  • He or she does not represent any of the parties involved (i.e. school board, student and/or parent).

Helping resolve a situation

The Student Ombudsman addresses cases where a student or a parent is dissatisfied with a service received from Kativik Ilisarniliriniq, or with the application of a regulation, procedure or practice, and wishes to make a formal complaint. When these situations arise, there are three steps to follow:

A student or a parent who is dissatisfied is first expected to:

  1. Address the issue directly with the person who made the decision.
  2. If this fails to resolve the situation, the student or the parent must then address the complaint to the director of the department concerned.
  3. If the situation still remains unresolved, the student or the parent may bring it to the attention of the Director General (or her representative).

If a student or a parent is dissatisfied with the handling of the complaint during STEP 1, they can submit their complaint in writing by contacting the Associate Secretary General.

The Associate Secretary General will:

  1. Determine if the complaint is admissible.
  2. Send the admissible complaint to the Student Ombudsman for investigation.

Should the Associate Secretary General reject the complaint at this stage, the student or parent may appeal the decision (see STEP 3).

Contact details of the Associate Secretary General:
514-482-8220, ext. 302 |

The Student Ombudsman intervenes when:

  1. Receiving a complaint deemed admissible by the Associate Secretary General.
  2. The student or parent appeals the rejection of the complaint by the Associate Secretary General.
  3. He or she is contacted directly by a student or a parent, for assistance in handling the complaint. This can be done at any time during the overall process.

To access the form to request an intervention from the Student Ombudsman, click here.

No later than 45 days after receiving the complaint, the Student Ombudsman must provide the Council of Commissioners with their opinion on the merits of the complaint and recommend corrective action (if applicable).

Within the same period, the Student Ombudsman also sends his or her opinion on the merits of the complaint and recommendations (if any) to the Associate Secretary General and the student or parent.

The Council of Commissioners must immediately inform the student or parent of the action it intends to take on the recommendations of the Student Ombudsman.

Get in touch with the Student Ombudsman

The student or parent may contact the Student Ombudsman directly at any time for assistance in handling a complaint.

You can contact the Student Ombudsman by phone or email.

Caroline Lemay
514-716-6468 |