Post-secondary Student Services: Interviews

2018 | 07 | 31

As the school year came to an end, it was time to gather and celebrate the hard work of the students graduating from their post‑secondary studies. The Public Relations team was invited to the Post‑secondary Student Services annual graduation lunch held on Wednesday, June 6, at the Holiday Inn Express Montreal Airport. The event was nothing short of inspiring. The afternoon was spent cheering for and celebrating the achievements of our sponsored students. We took the time to ask a few graduates and their parents about their experience, what they have learned, and their proudest moments. Join us in congratulating the graduating class of 2018—they continue to inspire and pave the way for future generations!

Name: Larry Elijasialuk Dow

Program: Accounting and management

College/University: Montmorency College

Public Relations (PR): What was the most challenging obstacle you overcame?

Larry Dow (LD): The most challenging obstacle for me during my studies was being away from home. The first month was the hardest.

PR: And how did you overcome it?

LD: Knowing that I was doing something good and that I was learning a lot of new things.

PR: Why did your program interest you?

LD: I always liked working with numbers. I enjoy math and the challenges it brings, so I thought I’d do my program in the same subject.

PR: Can you talk about the support Post-Secondary Student Services offered during this time?

LD:  They helped me with being able to manage my time and with any homework I needed help completing.

PR: What would you tell another student thinking of pursing post‑secondary studies?

LD: Go for it! It won’t always be so hard; it gets better!

Name: Beatrice Deer

Program: Publication, design, and hypermedia  

College/University: John Abbott College  

PR: Tell us about how you got here.

Beatrice Deer (BD): It was a long journey; I had gone home with only two credits left to graduate. I took seven years off before coming back. It was always something in the back of my mind. The goal was always to get a diploma.

PR: Wow, a seven‑year break! Why was it important for you to come back after so many years?

BD: I wanted to make my parents proud. I wanted my kids to see that, if I could do it, so could they!

PR: What were some of the goals you had during your studies?

BD: I had four goals I wanted to accomplish during my time in school.

PR: Four goals—that’s incredible! Do you mind sharing them with us?

BD: I don’t mind at all. I wanted to go to college, for my kids to finish school (my daughter is graduating from high school this year), to get some therapy, and to pursue my music career. And I’ve accomplished all of them!

PR: Congratulations on your amazing accomplishments. What surprised you the most about yourself?

DB: My determination and drive.

Name: Marina Annanack Chevrier

Parent of Angel Annanack-Lacasse

We had the pleasure of catching up with Mariana Chevrier, mother of Angel Lacasse. Angel graduated from the social science program at John Abbott College. She plans to continue her studies in the fall at Concordia University.

PR: As a mother, what does this moment mean to you?

Mariana Annanack Chevrier (MAC): It’s pretty overwhelming, but I’m very proud of her. She can do anything.

PR: How did you feel when she told you that she was coming to study in the south?

MAC: I was scared, and it broke my heart. But I knew she would be okay. She’s always been strong.

PR: Did you notice a change in her?

MAC: Yes, she became more brave and now she’s becoming an adult, and I’m very proud of her.

PR: Any words of advice to other parents?

MAC: It’s important to let them go. We need leaders to replace us. To help bring structure to the community. And it starts with our kids.