Appointment of a new Executive Committee member

2014 | 12 | 16
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Montreal, Qc. (December 16, 2014) – Kindly note that the Kativik School Board Commissioner Martin Scott is replacing Joseph Annahatak as a member of the Kativik School Board Executive Committee, as the latter has stepped down from this position. Joseph Annahatak remains a member of the Kativik School Board’s Council of Commissioner.

The members of the Kativik School Board’s executive Committee are:

  • KSB President and Executive Committee member: Alicie Nalukturuk
  • KSB Vice-President and Executive Committee member: Peter Papyarluk
  • Executive Committee member: Martin Scott
  • Executive Committee member: Sarah Baulne
  • Kativik Regional Government representative and Executive Committee member: Charlie Tooktoo

About us:

The Kativik School Board (KSB) was created in 1975, under the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement. Since 1978, it has been the exclusive provider of academic services to the Nunavik population. Education programs developed by the KSB are offered in schools of the 14 Nunavik communities, in Inuktitut as first language and in French and English as second languages. More information at:

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Jade Duchesneau Bernier
Public Relations Officer
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