Inukjuak hosts the Nunavik Regional Science Fair

2017 | 02 | 7
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Kuujjuaq, Nunavik, Qc (February 07, 2017) – This year, the Nunavik Regional Science Fair will take place on February 14 and 15 at Innalik School, in Inukjuak. During these two days, teams of young scientists from each of the 14 Nunavik communities will be presenting their projects to students, parents and local residents.

“We are honored to host this great event in Inukjuak,” said Alicie Nalukturuk, President of the Kativik School Board. The regional science fair is always a great opportunity for students to get involved in hands-on projects while exploring their interest for science. “Through this type of event, the school board hopes to inspire youth to explore future career paths or higher education in science-related areas,” she also declared.

Commenting on the event, Innalik School Principal Mario Jolivet also noted the importance of experiential learning. “While working on their projects, students realize that science is present everywhere in their daily life and in traditional Inuit knowledge. It’s not just about the abstract concepts we teach in class, it’s about something they can really get involved in,” he said.

On the last day of the regional science fair, the panel of judges will announce the winners in each category (Grade 5, Grade 6, Secondary 1, Secondary 2-3 and Secondary 4-5). The team that presents the best project will be selected to represent Nunavik at the Quebec Aboriginal Science Fair, in Odanak, from March 28 to 30, 2017.

For the last two years, Nunavik has stood out at the national level, with three students from Salluit winning prizes in their categories at the 2014 and 2016 Canada-Wide Science Fair: Jeannie Kakayuk Puxley (May 2014), Elaijah Isaac (May 2016), and Jenny Okituk (May 2016).

Coordinated by the Kativik School Board Education Services, the Nunavik Regional Science Fair enjoys financial support from the Kativik Regional Government.

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