Mandate, Values
and Approaches

Mandate, Values<br>and Approaches

For Education Services, the foundation of curriculum development is rooted in Inuit educational values and pedagogy. We believe that student success starts with a strong identity, heritage, and connection to the people and the land of Nunavik.

ETUA SNOWBALL Director of Education Services
Mandate, Values<br>and Approaches

Our Mandate

We develop and implement educational programming to youths of Nunavik from kindergarten to secondary 5, and offer pedagogical support to educators.

Approaches and values

At Kativik Ilisarniliriniq, teaching and curriculum development are driven by the following:

Centering learning around the knowledge and experience of place, nature, and environmental stewardship.

Instilling the values and skills needed for the lifelong process of becoming an able, whole human being. Nurturing this process happens through stages that are based on knowing about how one learns.

Weaving and intersecting multiple world views, predominantly Inuit and western knowledge, for enriched learning experiences and outcomes.

Developing knowledge, values, and skills through authentic tasks for the benefit of a strong community and people.

Maintaining high expectations while ensuring all students succeed, no matter their stage of learning.

Providing learning experiences that encompass a variety of disciplines, environments, languages and ways of learning. Integrating the development of a person’s physical, intellectual, social/emotional, and spiritual well-being.