Nunavimmiut continue their education!

PHOTO: Sylvain Paradis
2021 | 10 | 22

Many Nunavimmiut and Nunavik beneficiaries choose to continue their education!

Whether it is in or outside Nunavik, a considerable number of Nunavimmiut choose to continue their education. This year, there is a variety of programs and options to choose from. Here are the details.

Programs offered in Nunavik

As of September 15, there were a total of 161 students enrolled in programs offered through Adult Education and Vocational Training.

Among these students, 43 were enrolled in Vocational Trainings (AEVT) and 118 were enrolled in General Education courses leading to a Secondary School Diploma or academic skills upgrading.

In addition, since July 2021, a total of 122 Nunavimmiut participated and/or completed one of the 28 trainings offered by Nunavik employers to their staff, through AEVT Continuing Education Services.

Programs offered outside Nunavik

In August, the Post-Secondary Student Services team welcomed a new cohort of first-year students along with students returning to continue their program of studies.

Since August 6, 2021, there are 153 active students benefiting from the KI Sponsorship Program. This includes:

  • 78 first-year students starting a new post-secondary program. This includes a new (and fourth) cohort of Nunavik Sivunitsavut students.
  • 30 graduates from the 2020-2021 school year who are continuing their education in a new post-secondary program this year.
  • 45 returning students who are continuing in their program of study.

We are so proud of being part of their journey and wish everyone the best as they settle into the new school year! Follow them on Facebook:

Post-secondary students enrolled in programs outside Nunavik

Adult Education and Vocational Training programs offered in Nunavik

Nunavik Sivunitsavut students