Reimbursement of School Fees

Reimbursement of School Fees

Kativik Ilisarniliriniq manages a school fees reimbursement program. The program provides financial support to beneficiary students attending public schools outside Nunavik.

Reimbursement of School Fees

Financial support for beneficiaries

Each Nunavik beneficiary student who attends a public school outside Nunavik can benefit from this program. Students who attend a private school are NOT eligible.

How does it work?

You will get reimbursed for fees incurred during the current school year.

You must complete the Reimbursement Form  ⭳ and submit it by email, along with copies of your invoices and supporting documentation, as applicable.


Upon submission of receipts and proof of your child’s public school enrollment, you will receive a full reimbursement for:

  • school uniforms (a reference to the school dress code guidelines must be provided);
  • public school fees, including material for regular option classes such as art, photography, etc. (general fees can only be claimed with supporting documentation);
  • school bus transport and public transport expenses;
  • fees for summer courses.

The reimbursement of public school supplies is subject to a maximum applicable amount (pens, tissues, backpacks, USB keys, lunchboxes, Ziploc bags, etc.):

  • $225 at the kindergarten and primary levels
  • $300 at the secondary level

We do not reimburse the following:

  • electronics such as computers and software;
  • fees related to field trip activities, donation fees (mandatory or not), and Art or Sport-études programs;
  • fees and expenses incurred if your child is attending a private school;
  • fees for school daycare services (fees related to supervision and care before school, after school, and during lunchtime).

 If you have any questions please call us at 819-964-1136 or 1-877-964-1136 or email us.