School Board / Governance

General Administration

ADM 01 – Directive on emergency closing of the administrative centre

ADM 02 – Directive on closing of Schools and Adult and Vocational Education centres

ADM 03 – Directive on the Protection of Copyright

ADM 04 – Directive on the Legal Deposit of Publications Produced by the School Board

ADM 05 – Directive on the Recognition of Employees and Elected Representatives

ADM 06 – Policy on Non Smoking

ADM 07 – Policy on Travels to attend Funerals or other Special Events

ADM 08 – Directive on Insurance Coverage and Civil liability

ADM 09 – Policy on Graduation

ADM 10 – Directive on the Protection of personal information and Access to information

ADM 11 – Directive on Consulting Services

ADM 12 – Directive on the application of the Youth Protection Act

ADM 13 – Policy on Languages of Instruction

ADM 14 – Preventing and resolving psychological or sexual harassment in the workplace policy

ADM 15 – Policy on Occupational Health and Safety

ADM 16 -Directive Against Bullying and for the Promotion of Peaceful and Responsive Schools

ADM 18 – Policy on Conflict Prevention and Resolution

ADM 19 – Policy on Media Relations

ADM 20 – Corruption and Collusion Risk Management Policy in Contract Management Processes

ADM 21 – Procedure for processing complaints regarding the tender or award of a public contract and during a process for the certification of goods and qualification of entreprises

ADM 22 – Procedure to facilitate the disclosure of wrongdoings

ADM 23 – Directive on the Management of Elementary, Secondary and Adult Education Student Records

School Operations

Education Services

Adult Education

Human Resources

Financial Administration

Material Resources

Post-Secondary Student Services

Complementary and Compassionate Services